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Mineralboss Release Notes

MINERALBOSS 1.4.10 Released

October 29, 2015

New Features

MINERALBOSS v1.4.9 Released

May 19, 2015

New Features

  • Added additional user feedback when unexpected errors occur.

MINERALBOSS v1.4.7 Released

June 20, 2014

New Features

  • Added Product Sales report dashboard with charts and printable reports.

MINERALBOSS v1.3 Released

December 1, 2013

We focused solely on performance and stability improvements for this release and while there weren't many user interface changes, there were several changed behind the scenes, which we won't list h

MINERALBOSS v1.2 Released

October 27, 2013

This release includes mineral revenue charts and printable reports, property types to increase usability, and several other improvements and fixes.

MINERALBOSS v1.1 Released

September 8, 2013

Among the fixed issues and minor features, in this version of Mineralboss we've added a Business package that has more advanced features such as tracking of product sales, taxes, and other adjustme

MINERALBOSS v1.0 Released

June 8, 2013

The initial version of our new mineral management product, Mineralboss, is now officially out of Beta.

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