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LANDBOSS 1.31.1 Released

May 28, 2019

Some of the features in this version were released experimentally prior to this announcement and have been available to some users for a couple of weeks now, but this release officially brings them to everyone.


  • All users now have access to the Time and Expense Sheet report in the Reports area. This report looks exactly like the report that you get when you print a timesheet from the Timesheets area, but it allows you more control over the data that appears; a specific date range for instance.
  • Two new Invoice Formats that can be configured for clients - the "All landmen per activity per day without landmen counts" format and the "Individual landmen per day (each PLSS on separate invoice)" format. More on these below.
  • The "CSV with Bill Rates" timesheet export added in version 1.30 now includes the invoice number if an entry has been invoiced as well as the payroll/employee # of the contractor, if one has been entered. As a reminder, this export will not include the bill rates if the logged in user does not have permission to see those.


  • The Tract Quick Search and the Lease Quick Search features were both broken when a user has access to more than 2100 prospects. This has been corrected, so those features will now work in those cases.
  • The Time and Expense Sheet report (mentioned in Feature above) will no longer break when a user that has access to more than 2100 prospects tries to print a report for All Prospects.
  • Editing a Workflow Task was broken in version 1.30 but has been corrected now.

About the Invoice Formats

When setting up a client in Landboss, you can choose from a list of Invoice Formats (also sometimes referred to as invoice generators) that will allow you some control over how the various time and expenses are aggregated and turned into line items on the invoice. Some formats will even automatically split the time and expenses into different invoices based on certain conditions.

It is possible for us to add account specific custom invoice formats, and we've done that for several clients, but below is the full list of formats currently available out-of-the-box.

Individual landmen per day

This is one of the more lengthy formats and will create a new line item for the time worked and the expenses incurred by each contractor for each day of the billing period the invoice is for.

Full Example

Individual landmen per day (each PLSS on separate invoice) NEW

The line items that are created with this format are exactly the same as the "Individual landmen per day" but it will automatically create an invoice for each PLSS that has time and expenses billed to it. Note that his requires that the contractors specify the PLSS when they enter their time and expenses.

All landmen per activity per day

This format can be a little shorter than the "Individual landmen per day" format because it will group the time and expenses for the various contractors by day. For instance, any time entered by the contractors working in the prospect on May 17, 2019 is summed and added as a single line item.

Full Example

All landmen per activity per day without landmen counts NEW

Similar to the "All landmen per activity per day" format, but the wording of the various line items is a little simpler which is preferable for some users.

Full Example

Per landman per day with section name

Like the "Individual landmen per day" format, but it includes the PLSS name in the line descriptions instead of splitting the time and expenses up into separate invoices like the "Individual landmen per day (each PLSS on separate invoice)" format.

Full Example

Each section by billing code

This format also splits the time and expenses for each PLSS into separate invoices but will aggregate the time and expenses by billing code, so it's one of the shorter formats available.

Full Example