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LANDBOSS v1.27.2 Released

August 12, 2012

We improved performance and added support for additional types of ownership report notes in this release.

New Features

  • Added support for surface owner ownership notes.
  • Changed lease depth fields to support words instead of just numbers.
  • Chain of title page will now show the filing info and the legal description in the grid.
  • Added client side validation to chain of title page.
  • Party search will now accept whole word searches; wrapping the query in quotations will prevent results that have words that contain the query.
  • Added first page and last page navigation shortcuts to notifications and activity dashboards.
  • Added filters to the tract search for the needs review and stranger in title flags.
  • Added support for ROW ownership notes.
  • Added support for easement ownership notes.
  • Added support for mortage ownership notes.
  • Added a list of parties on the lease to the sidebar when viewing a lease.
  • Errors Fixed

    • Duplicate billing codes and work codes are no longer allowed.
    • Corrected workflow permissions issue.
    • Memory optimizations.
    • Optimized party search.
    • Corrected some issues on the enter time page.
    • Corrected issue that was causing party notes from being saved when creating a party on-the-fly.
    • Corrected issue that was causing the lose changes confirmation dialog to be displayed unnecessarily in Firefox.
    • Corrected total gross acreage value on Lease Schedule Report.
    • Optimized time and expense summary report.
    • The SSN/Tax Id of a party will now be correctly hidden for users that do not have permission to view it.
    • Corrected issue that would cause navigation to the tract overview screen after saving a sketched shape in certain conditions.
    • Uploaded TIFF receipts will now be checked for a rare bug that causes reports to break and then automatically corrected if needed.
    • Added an error message for when trying to create a user without a role selected.
    • Corrected rare issue that would cause sketched shapes from being colorized.
    • Corrected issue with the prospect name sometimes not being shown on the expense sheet report.
    • Corrected client side error when deleting a tract, lease, or party from a task.
    • Corrected some small issues in the map viewer.

    Other Changes

    • Updated mapping projection to new Esri standard.
    • Optimized exports.
    • Optimized the open leasehold report.