Optimize Your Lease Acquisition Process

Software to help Operators, Lease Brokers, and Independent Contractors Acquire and Manage Land and Leases

Landboss makes it possible for companies to manage lease acquisition and administration in a single system. Designed to increase efficiency, the web-based, land management software makes it easy to locate previously entered data, eliminate duplicate data entry, and produce insightful reports.

  • Using mail merge technology, quickly create lease offer letters, lease contracts and more
  • Define tracts of land located in any state, using any legal description system in the industry
  • Track and pay lease obligations such as bonus payments, rental payments, renewals and more
  • Get your shapes on the online map by letting Landboss generate them, by uploading a ShapeFile, or by manually sketching them on the map

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Lease Acquisition

Acquire Leases Faster

Landboss has many features designed to dramatically speed up and organized your lease acquisition processes.

  • With just a few clicks, insert data from Landboss into your lease offers, contracts, and more
  • Enter activity notes for leases so everyone is always on the same page and knowledge is never lost
  • Organize tasks using the built-in workflow system to ensure your organization is operating at peak efficiency
  • Easily generate a single PDF that contains lease purchase reports, ownership reports, and signed leases for a prospect

Lease Management

Organize Existing Leases

Once a prospect has been acquired, keep your leases organized and get reminded of renewal dates.

  • Search leases by several different parameters including by special provision to find all leases with a shut-in clause, for example
  • Track lease obligations such as bonus payments, rental payments, renewals and more
  • Never again forget a payment or accidentally let a lease expire with automatic reminders
  • Enter competitors leases and get notified when they are about to expire