Take control of your leasing projects

Eliminate emailed spreadsheets and receipts, shared cloud drives, and sticky notes by keeping all of your project data in one place.

Designed to increase efficiency, our web-based land management software makes it easy to locate previously entered data, eliminate duplicate data entry, and produce insightful reports.

  • Access Landboss from anywhere with an internet connection on any computer
  • Plot your and view tract lease statuses using the Landboss interactive map
  • Generate documents using data entered in Landboss and the forms that you are already using
  • Create client invoices that include timesheets and receipts with just a few clicks in Landboss
  • Manage the flow of tasks through your company's pipeline using the integrated workflow

Interested in pricing?

To find out how much Landboss will cost your company, provide us with some contact info and the number of users you expect to have and we'll deliver a quote straight to your inbox in just a few minutes.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is there a contract or some other long-term commitment?

    While we do have 3-month, 6-month, and annual committments available that each come with a discount, they are optional and you can choose to pay month-to-month for maximum flexibility.

  • Is my data secure?

    Landboss uses 256-bit encryption to protect your data during transfer over the internet and it is hosted at a premier U.S. Datacenter with multiple layers of physical and virtual security.

  • Do you charge extra for training and support?

    Online training and support are always free as long as you maintain a subscription. For example, if you hire a new employee five years after your purchase date, we will train them for no extra charge.

  • Can I keep my contractors from seeing the client info?

    Landboss allows you to control which users see client information and which don't. It also has a robust prospect access system giving you complete control over which prospects each contractor has access to.

  • Is there a free trial?

    We've found that companies are typically too busy to ever actually try the free trial and that personal online demonstrations give people a much better idea of whether or not Landboss will work for their company.

Why Choose Landboss?

We consistently hear from our customers that our software is easier to use and more affordable than our competitors. We even have customers that have built their entire lease brokerages around Landboss. Find out for yourself what Landboss can do for you!

Ready to see it in action?

Take a deep dive into the product with a screen share with one of our sales staff so you can get a first-hand look at the application and get all of your questions answered.


Recent Blog Entries

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New Mapping Features

Customers can now print the maps from Landboss and tracts will be colored by lease status. In addition, we added a zoom to feature which makes it a snap to zoom to a specific STR.

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Oil and Gas Mapping with ESRI's ArcView

A couple of weeks ago, after careful consideration, we made the decision to switch mapping servers from Autodesk's Mapguide to Esri's ArcView. Mapguide is a fine product and the feature to cost ratio is great, but we have outgrown it's capabilities and are in need of something more robust.

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Mineralboss - Mineral Management Software from Landboss

A lot of time has gone by since my last blog entry and it seems like it was travelling by plane. We’ve been hard at work improving our flagship product Landboss as well as getting our upcoming mineral management application, Mineralboss, ready for release, which is what I’d like to tell you a little bit about in this post.