Take Control of Your Leasing Projects

Landboss is an easy to use land management software package that allows you to organize your lease acquisition projects in a single location. By tracking your oil and gas leases and related documents electronically, you can eliminate redundancy and paperwork.

Land Management Software

Who is it for?
Does it help with leasing?
Can it help with billing?

Landboss can be used by operators, lease brokers and independent landman who want to save time, save money and do business more efficiently.

Land and lease management was once a tedious and time consuming process, but Landboss makes it more efficient and less prone to error and with several features designed to help with the lease acquisition process, leasing new prospects will be more streamlined than ever before.

Gone are the days of spreadsheet billing. Track time and expenses with Landboss and complete your billing process with just a few clicks.