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Coming in v1.10 - Sample Data

One of the concerns we've heard with LANDBOSS is that it can sometimes be a challenge to tell how certain features work without at least a decent amount of data in the system. Of course we have a spiffy data import tool that can quickly get your real data into LANDBOSS, but before that task is completed a new account can feel barren, maybe even a little lonely. The setup wizard makes sure you have the bare minimum to work the system, but it does little to show off the helpful things that LANDBOSS can do to make you more productive. Luckily, coming up in version 1.10 we have a new approach. New accounts will now be bundled with sample data that makes sure there is enough for the user (that's you!) to be able play around, explore, and find all the neat things LANDBOSS has to offer without worrying about messing with your actual data. It's a playground; a sandbox if you will. And of course once you're a pro at LANDBOSS you can easily delete it so it won't clutter your reports and things.Version 1.10 is tentatively scheduled for release next week sometime, the exact day depends greatly on how our NAPE preparations go. It also brings the introduction of our shiny new mapping suite and a few other major changes that would take too long to explain. It will be worth the wait, I promise you!