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The Future of Land Management Software

LANDBOSS is a land management software package for the oil and gas industry. Typically, land management software has been very expensive and is usually desktop software, not web software. I have already discussed the advantages of online land management software vs. offline software. With LANDBOSS we are striving to provide an affordable solution that is easy to use and will meet your needs for a full-featured land management software package.

How is Landboss Different from Other Land Managment Software

The main difference between LANDBOSS and other software packages out there is that we are focusing on lease acquisition first. There is a lot of wasted effort involved in the gathering and transferral of the acquired leases from lease brokers to operators. In most situations, the operator will have a lease administrator re-enter all of the data that they have received from their brokers. This is not only time consuming, but also leads to mistakes.

Do your Lease Acquisition and Administration in one system

By creating the lease offers inside the land management software, these steps can be avoided. The other advantage is that instead of having to call your landman to get an update, you can check the status of a lease online. With our integrated mapping you can quickly view a map of the prospect with tracts highlighted according to lease statuses.

Software should make your life easier, not harder

The other difference is that the goal of our software is to make your work easier, not create more work. You only have to enter you information one time and from there you can access it from multiple places (on the tract, party, or lease screen), you can generate lease forms, reports and more.

The Future of Land Management Software

With the advent of the Internet, information is more accessible now than ever. Most people are used to being able to access the information or reports they want quickly. There is no reason you should not expect the same from your land management software. You should be able to view an Expiring Leases Report for your prospect from any computer in real-time. As it stands today, many decision makers have to ask someone to compile this report and wait a day or longer to get it.

Leasing is competitive, you need something that will speed you up, not slow you down

Oil & Gas Leasing is a competitive business and when a play is hot, you need all the advantages you can get. You need to be able to generate 30 leases with a click of the button, including the envelope, and get them out the door as fast as possible. You need real-time information to help you make the right decisions quickly. This is the future of land management software: Online, accessible, and adding productivity for your landmen, lease administrators, crew chiefs, and managers, not just another data entry tool that you can't get your information out of.

LANDBOSS is the Land Management Software of the future

LANDBOSS meets all of these requirements. We pride ourselves in responding to our user's needs and finding ways to make them faster and more efficient in their work and giving them the edge over their competition. We will continue to improve and build our software and intend to have the best land management software package on the market.