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Landboss v1.01 and Beyond

Though it is quite clear in the application itself, I don't think it's been mentioned here- LANDBOSS version 1.01 was released on 10/8/2009. Here are the highlights of the changes that were made:

  • Added the ability to track whether users are currently online/offline.
  • Improvements to party merge page.
  • A total redesign of client bill/mileage rates and of user pay rates to allow rate changes to be handled more gracefully.
  • Redesigned most of the menu pages.
  • Redesigned the validation error message to be less annoying.
  • All data entry pages now show a "Last Modified" date for the current record.
  • Inline edit grids were replaced with popup windows so the fields are not as crowded.
  • Party drop down lists underwent major improvements - you can now edit existing parties without leaving the page, and add parties with duplicate names.
  • Added full timezone support.

And that's just the big stuff. There are about twice as many small fixes/changes also included. You can read the full release notes by clicking the version link at the bottom of the page once you're logged into the application.

Coming up in tentatively scheduled version 1.02 we will be focusing on import/export support, as well as the usual slew of improvements/changes that we always find the need for.