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Lease Management With Landboss

With so many different things to worry about when actively acquiring leases in a prospect, managing lease paperwork is the last thing you need to worry about. If, like most people, you are using a simple Excel spreadsheet to manage all of the information involved with lease acquisition, you are creating more work for your crew and Crew Chief than you need to.

What's wrong with using an Excel spreadsheet to manage my oil & gas leases?

Think about this, you have a prospect that is going to call for 20+ Landmen to make contact with and lease mineral owners in a given area. Your Crew Chief creates a spreadsheet for tracking notes and several pdf's and word documents for printing leases, W-9's etc. This works until...

  • An addendum that is added for one lessor is left on the lease template and is now being offered to every lessor
  • Your Crew Chief gets a virus on his computer and the most up to date information on the master list is what was emailed to you two weeks ago
  • An upset Landman leaves the field and takes his notes with him
  • There are so many notes for a single mineral owner that their row in the spreadsheet takes up an entire page
  • The Crew Chief spends more time updating and formatting the master spreadsheet than they spend actually managing the crew

And the list goes on...

What's a better way to manage my oil and gas leases?

Landboss makes lease management a very simple task, allowing your crew to spend more time leasing and less time managing documents and notes.

  • Each Landman can enter activity notes for each mineral owner, keeping them separated rather than in a clunky spreadsheet form
  • Lease packages can easily be generated for several mineral owners at a time, auto populating the necessary fields thereby reducing the amount of time spent generating individual docs
  • The notes and activities can be viewed from across the country by people in your office, without the need for emails or constant phone calls
  • If a computer crashes, no worries, we store your data for you on our state of the art secure servers so all you will need is a new computer to keep going

These are just a few ways that Landboss can simplify lease management and keep your lease data safe.