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Party Import Status Update

When creating a feature, most of the time we'll leave it in a very rough state while we discover the ins-and-outs of how it will work. Once we have that decided on exactly how it should work we go back through and "polish" the feature until we're happy with the quality. The party import page is at that polish stage right now. David and I are currently putting the finishing touches on it, and one of my tasks right now is to try to make the importer as fast as possible. While we'll always be improving it after it launches, here is a taste of how long it might take to import parties:

  • File with 1,000 parties: 83 seconds
  • File with 10,000 parties: 927 seconds (about 6 minutes)

One thing that I, as a programmer, find interesting about theses numbers is that when we increased the number of parties by a factor of 10 (100 x 10 = 1000, the amount of time it took also went up about the same amount. This means that no matter how many records you throw at the importer, it takes the same amount of time per record to do the work (30 milliseconds to be exact). But you probably don't really care that much about technical details like that. The bottom line is we should be able to import your data in a (relatively) short amount of time, which leaves more time for more important things. The sooner the data is imported the sooner you can analyze the data in LANDBOSS's snazzy reports!