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The Road to NAPE

For those that are unfamiliar, NAPE is a large oil & gas industry expo in Houston. This year's will be held Feb 11-12, and we're currently working full-tilt to get some very cool features implemented by then. If we've been less talkative than usual because of this don't worry. It's not that we don't like you anymore, we're just hard at work making the big changes needed to support these new "wow" features. I thought it might be helpful to show you our "roadmap" of these features so you can get the idea of the direction we're headed. Of course I have to add the disclaimer that these are the features we'd like to get in by the times specified - this stuff is always subject to change/re-prioritization.

v1.03 (1/1/2010)

  • Chain of Title Redesign - The chain of title page will be re-released with a completely overhauled workflow. Also the ability to filter instruments will be added.
  • Advanced Field Formatting - For example, a text box for a money amount will read "$123,456.78" until it is clicked, then it will change to "123456.78" to make it easier to edit
  • Lease Template Usability Improvements - The lease banner will have the ability to set the lease template on every lease page. The ability to override the default lease template at lease creation time will also be added.
  • First-Time Setup Redesign - The setup wizard will be replaced with more of a "guided tour" of the application.
  • Prospect Dashboard Redesign - Many sections of the prospect dashboard will be re-done to make this page even easier to use
  • Lease Activity Dashboard - A new dashboard will be added that allows a quick look at what activities are being performed on leases, with the ability to filter what information to show.

v1.10 (2/1/2010)

  • Mapping - The culmination of months of work, we'll finally be releasing our mapping module. You'll be able to see tracts with their leasing status where they make sense in the application, such as the PLAT page or prospect dashboard.
  • Party Associations - A tab will be added to the party pages that will display where that party is used (tract owners, leases, etc)
  • Lease Template Improvements - Lease template will be improved so most every lease field can be controled by the template, including forms.
  • Lease Status Page Redesign - The lease status page will be renamed to the "Activity" page, and will include major improvments to the workflow of the lease activity listing.