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Tracking Oil and Gas Lease Activity

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays and so I have decided to start out this week's blog with a scary story. Not too long ago and not very far away, there was an oil company named Inefficient Oil. The company was busy leasing what was soon to be a productive prospect that would be quite profitable. Things were going pretty well until they began to lose leases to a company named Quick Co. You see, while Inefficient Oil used notepads and spreadsheets to track their lease offers, Quick Co used LANDBOSS. Try as they might, Inefficient Oil couldn't keep up with Quick Co and soon lost the majority of the prospect to their rival. And they were never heard from again.

I know, it's a pretty cheesy story and it suffers from a distinct lack of ghosts, but it helps me make my point; LANDBOSS has many great features that can increase the efficiency of your business. One of those features is lease activity tracking and we recently redesigned the user interface. Before I show you the new interface I would like to add a little something to my story: Inefficient Oil was haunted. Now the story is just cheesy.

Tracking Lease Activity

If you have ever found yourself working many lease offers at once, you may have had trouble keeping track of things like phone calls with the mineral owners, counter offers, and other activities that can happen during the leasing process. To make that task easier for you we added a feature called lease activity tracking which was located on the Status tab of the lease.


This feature has been around since the beta version of LANDBOSS, but its interface wasn't very friendly, so we recently redesigned it. First there were several fields on the page that didn't really go with the activity entries. Second, the activity entries themselves weren't very easy to read.

To solve these problems, we felt it was best to devote the page to the lease activity entries and move the rest of the fields somewhere else. The payment fields were moved to a new tab called Payment, which will likely become the Payments tab when we add lease payment tracking in a not too distant future version. The filing information can now be entered using the File link on the Action Bar at the top of the page and it will be displayed on the Overview tab. The lease status is used as a quick indicator of the status of a lease or lease offer. Prior to the new design you could only change the status of a lease on the Status tab, but now you will be able to view or change the lease status from the Lease Status Bar which will be shown on every tab of the lease. Lastly, the entries were redesigned to make them easier to read.


We are currently very busy building and testing two great new features, data import and exporting and mapping, so the new design may not be fully implemented and tested in time for the 1.02 release but it will likely be in the release after.

Happy Halloween

Have a happy halloween and be safe. If you see a bearded lady running around tomorrow night, it is probably just me in my costume. See you next week.