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Weekly Releases and the Road Forward

The past month has seen a huge increase in activity here at LANDBOSS, including demos, free trials, and paying customers. If you're new here then let me extend my welcome to our neck of the woods here. At lot of people we've been talking to have noticed little extras that we needed to add to bring out LANDBOSS's potential for them. Great! We're more than eager to work out those details, we feel it makes a better product for all our customers when we do so. The list has gotten quite long, however, so we've decided to begin pushing out weekly updates instead of larger, monthly releases. Our overall roadmap hasn't changed a whole lot, but this will allow us to get those changes to you as fast as we can. For those interested, here is the basic layout for the rest of this month (it's all subject to change, of course):

v1.10.3 (3/6/2010)

  • Adding the plumbing needed to handle account-specific reports
  • Advanced formatting of currency fields
  • Apparent heir added to ownership report
  • Rental lease improvements
  • Mail merge additions
  • Other UI workflow tweaks
  • Company field additions

v1.10.4 (3/13/2010)

  • Lease/Party field additions
  • Apparent heir added to chain of title
  • Remaindermen/Life Estate ownership/ownership report changes
  • Report additions

v1.11 (3/20/2010)

  • Major lease template additions
  • Undivided interest
  • Remaindermen/Life Estate chain of title changes
  • Report additions