Announcing the Landboss Accounting Exporter and the Landboss API v2

We are pleased to announce the Landboss Accounting Exporter that will be replacing the Landboss QuickBooks Exporter and the Landboss API v2.

Landboss Accounting Exporter

The current Landboss QuickBooks Exporter relies on ActiveX to export data from Landboss to QuickBooks Desktop, which is only supported in Internet Explorer. The new application is a standalone Windows desktop utility that will be able to do the same work as the current utility without using a browser at all. The Landboss Accounting Exporter is currently in early closed alpha testing with a select number of customers; however, once it is feature complete, we will move it to open beta and any of our customers will be able to download and use it. Eventually, we will deprecate the old Landboss QuickBooks Exporter and all customers will be moved to the new utility.

Landboss API v2

To facilitate communication between the new Landboss Accounting Exporter and Landboss, we needed an API (application programming interface). While we could have added what we needed to the current Landboss API, it was built several years ago and technology has progressed quite a bit since then, so we decided to build a new API from the ground up. It is in place now and it is very well tested, but its features are limited to just what the Landboss Accounting Exporter needs. As we continue to develop it, we will start building the documentation for it on our help portal. We hope to develop this new API up-to and beyond the capabilities of the existing one so that we, or 3rd party developers, will be able to take advantage of it to solve problems.


If you have any questions about the Landboss Accounting Exporter or the Landboss API v2, you can submit a request via our help portal.