LANDBOSS v1.34 Released

Another small release prompted by a customer request. We added a new report called the Invoice List Report. We also changed the Invoice Timesheet Audit report a bit so it the information is laid out in a more useful manner.

LANDBOSS v1.33 Released

A small release this time around but we received a request to add support for uploading documents for prospects and we agreed that it would be a useful addition to our document management capabilities.

Login Issues on Google Chrome Fixed

Customers using the latest version of Google Chrome were having trouble logging in due to the new SameSite standard that is being implemented by all major browser manufacturers. That issue is now resolved.

New Help Portals

We've launched totally revamped versions of and! The updated sites have a modern look and feel and are fully mobile optimized.

Now Hiring Independent Sales Representatives

If you’re looking for an opportunity where you are fairly rewarded for your hard work and the adage "Your boss makes a dollar while you make a dime" is no longer remotely accurate, this may be your chance.

LANDBOSS v1.31.1 Released

Some of the features in this version were released experimentally prior to this announcement and have been available to some users for a couple of weeks now, but this release officially brings them to everyone.