LANDBOSS v1.37 Released

Version 1.37 of Landboss adds the preview version of our new mapping dashboard and two new permissions to control access to bill rates and pay rates in a more granular way and fixes some minor issues.

LANDBOSS v1.36 Released

Version 1.36 of Landboss adds the ability to copy bill rates from one client or prospect to another client or prospect. Also, users now have more options for filtering time entries during invoice generation; it's now possible to invoice by STR, for example.

LANDBOSS v1.35 Released

This release has a new permission called Timesheet Reporting which provides read-only access to all timesheets, as well as the ability to search for top leases or bottom leases.

LANDBOSS v1.34.1 Released

A mostly bugfix release addressing some minor and edge case issues, but it also contains a new mileage rate related feature.

LANDBOSS v1.34 Released

Another small release prompted by a customer request. We added a new report called the Invoice List Report. We also changed the Invoice Timesheet Audit report a bit so it the information is laid out in a more useful manner.

LANDBOSS v1.33 Released

A small release this time around but we received a request to add support for uploading documents for prospects and we agreed that it would be a useful addition to our document management capabilities.

Login Issues on Google Chrome Fixed

Customers using the latest version of Google Chrome were having trouble logging in due to the new SameSite standard that is being implemented by all major browser manufacturers. That issue is now resolved.