LANDBOSS v1.03.2 Released

Hot on the heels of version 1.03.1, we deployed another maintenance release today. It contains fixes to errors that have been found since 1.03.1's release.

LANDBOSS v1.03 Released

Today LANDBOSS version 1.03 was released. The major focus of this release was the re-design of the chain of title page. The list of new additions is smaller than 1.02, but more attention was paid on improving existing features. Our next version (1.10) should bring very major changes that many of you have been waiting for.

LANDBOSS v1.02.1 Released

Today a small maintenace release was deployed live. Any high-priority fixes and requests will be included in subsequent maintenance releases, but our next major release (1.03) is not planned until January.

LANDBOSS v1.02 Released

We are proud to announce that LANDBOSS version 1.02 has cleared QA and is now live. We are already working on a small maintenance release (v1.02.1) which will address some fixes and changes we wanted to fit into v1.02 but weren't able to get to without delaying 1.02's release.

LANDBOSS v1.01.3 Released

Today around 5:00 PM CST we released (yet another) maintenance patch, bringing the live version number up to 1.01.3.

LANDBOSS v1.01.2 Hotfix Released

Today at 12:00 PM CST we released a small hotfix that fixed a problem with the client search page in certain browsers. We apologize for any inconvenience this error may have caused and will remain vigilant of errors like this in the future.