LANDBOSS v1.11.3 Released

New Features

  • Added a "Contact Person" field to company parties, which can hold the point of contact for a company, trust, etc.
  • Increased the width of activity and billing codes' "Code" field to 6 characters.
  • Texas and tax parcel tract types now display data in the "location" column of tract grids.
  • Added mail merge fields for Texas tract type fields (survey, abtract, etc).
  • Added a notes field to activity and billing codes.

Errors Fixed

  • Fixed a problem with mapping control tooltips in Internet Explorer.
  • Hotfix(4/13/2010): Fixed an error where deleting a tract would not delete associated leases, timesheets, and tract groups. Leases and tract groups will only be deleted if there are no other tracts associated with them.
  • Tracts on the lease info page will now properly show general "location" instead of just PLSS section.
  • Hotfix (4/13/2010): Fixed a javascript error when creating a tract on the lease info page under certain conditions.
  • Fixed a problem with CSV import where certain invalid characters would crash the import service.
  • Fixed an omission where lease notes could not be imported.
  • Fixed an issue when importing money amounts where dollar signs and digit groups were not properly handled.
  • Fixed an error where import mapping was not saved when importing leases.
  • Fixed a problem where the warning message when changing the legal description on a tract with a generated shape would get in the way - it now uses a notification instead of a message box to avoid this.
  • Fixed a problem related to closing the notification bar when multiple notifications are shown.
  • Fixed an error where changing a timesheet entry's county, section, or tract could cause its previous timesheet to be empty afterword. These timesheets are not automatically deleted when this occurs.
  • Fixed an error where the tract drop down list would not populate on the timesheet edit page under certain conditions.
  • Fixed an issue where checking the "Entire Section" check box would not replace the old legal description with "All" as expected.
  • Added a missing email field to the party advanced search page.
  • Made the warning message when changing the legal description on a tract with a generated shape a bit easier to understand.
  • Fixed an error where creating tracts with the "New Tract" window on the lease info page would not properly store certain fields after saving.

Other Changes

  • The import option "Does the first row of your data contain column headers?" check box now defaults to checked.
  • Changed several import field descriptions to be easier to search for.
  • Changed "PLSS Section" import field description to read "Section Twsp Range."
  • Changed the date formats on several grids to be consistent with date input fields.