LANDBOSS v1.10.3 Released

New Features

  • Tracts on maps now display both tract numbers and labels.
  • Added Apparent Heir information to the ownership report.
  • Added a mail merge field for combined lessors names with spouse names added (Lessor_Names_With_Spouse).
  • Added missing mail merge fields for gross acres as well as mail merge fields for lessor mineral interest fraction/decimal values.
  • Added several phone number fields to the company administration page. Several phone types have also been added to match.
  • Added several fields related to rental leases. Corresponding mail merge fields have been added as well.
  • Tract Labels are now shown in the title on all tract pages.

Errors Fixed

  • Fixed a small display error with the chain of filters in certain browsers.
  • Fixed minor styling issues relating to icon legends on certain pages.
  • Fixed several issues that could occur on the ownership report when there was a large amount of data.
  • Fixed shape generation for certain PLSS legal descriptions.
  • Fixed problems relating to the address previews on the party merge page. They were always displaying "AK" and could be edited. Both problems have been corrected.
  • Hotfix (3/3/2010): Fixed a problem with certain PLSS Townships in North Dakota.
  • Hotfix (3/3/2010): Fixed an error when saving leases that required ownership to be created due to the addition of the Apparent Heirs field.

Other Changes

  • All text boxes that display currency amounts will now show dollar signs and digit groups (ex: $1,200.00) but when selected will revert to a format easier to edit (ex: 1200.00).
  • Several places have been updated to make it clear that timesheet entries' "Time" field is given in days.
  • When creating a tract from the lease page, users will now be prompted to enter in net and leased acres.
  • Net Acres and Leased Acres will now default to the lessor's ownership when adding an existing tract to a lease.
  • The ownership page's list will now always display decimals for mineral interest so that column can be scanned and compared easier.