LANDBOSS v1.10.4 Released

New Features

  • Added title and suffix fields for parties. Title is a drop down of common values, while suffix is a free text field. Suffix will be used when building the "full name" of a party, but title will not.
  • Added a notes field to leases on the "Parties & Tracts" page.
  • Added the "Label" field that was missing from the create tract window.
  • Added the ability to move tracts between prospects. If a tract is part of a multi-tract lease then all tracts must be moved together.
  • Added a new invoice generator that will group line items by section then billing code.
  • Renamed party "Tax ID" field to "Tax ID/SSN" and the field is now stored in an encrypted column since sensitive data may be stored.
  • Added percentage formats for all mail merge fields that show mineral interest values.
  • Added two mail merge fields for lease provisions. "Provisions" lists the provision text, while "Provisions_Numbered" displays the text in a numbered list.

Errors Fixed

  • Fixed a small problem where clicking on a recent payroll link would not show any paychecks by default if they were all exported. The "Include Exported" checkbox will now automatically become checked if this is the case.
  • Fixed a minor display issue when uploading documents with long file names to owners and chain of title instruments.
  • Fixed a problem where only 2 decimal places could be entered for tract gross acres even though up to 8 was supported.
  • Fixed problems relating to the delete link on tract page. It would be shown when creating a tract and could be seen on the overview page by read-only licenses.

Other Changes

  • Removed the "Quarter Calls" field for S-T-R legal descriptions. The field was extraneous and was not used in any calculations or mail merge fields.
  • Removed searching parties by prospect. This also removed the requirement to choose a current prospect when going to a page in the party module.
  • Slightly changed the order of some lease tabs.
  • Fixed a problem that was causing full text (simple) party searches to come back incorrectly under certain conditions.
  • Minor optimizations have been made, pages may load slightly faster.