LANDBOSS v1.37 Released

Version 1.37 of Landboss adds the preview version of our new mapping dashboard and two new permissions to control access to bill rates and pay rates in a more granular way and fixes some minor issues. We also upgraded the reporting engine, though the benefits are mostly on the backend side so the change likely won't be immediately noticeable.

Additionally, we fixed a few a couple of broken links and few other minor things.


  • Made some minor tweaks to the way the workflow feature tracks changes.
  • Added Pay Rate Reporting permission that controls whether a user can view pay rates on the Timesheet screens, reports, etc. The exception is that users will always be able to see their own pay rate.
  • Added Bill Rate Reporting permission that controls whether a user can view bill rates on the various screens and reports.
  • Added some additional total lines to the Timesheet View screen for users with appropriate permissions.


  • Fixed a very rare edge case that would break the workflow task view screen.
  • Fixed a few of the cancel links on some of the report landing pages.
  • Fixed a few instances of links in the header appearing when they shouldn't. Users without the appropriate permissions couldn't access those pages, but they shouldn't have been able to see the links.
  • All users that have a license that grants them access to the time and billing features will now always be able to view their own paystubs, if any, as intended.

Hotfix 1.37.1 (12/6/2023)

  • Released preview of new mapping dashboard featuring our new cross-browser map viewer control! Learn More

Hotfix 1.37.2 (3/5/2024)

  • Fixed an issue with the user permission cache.

Hotfix 1.37.3 (4/14/2024)

  • Added Excel as an output option to the Time and Expense Summary Report.

Hotfix 1.37.4 (4/23/2024)

  • Fixed bug when the Time and Expense Summary Report by client only.
  • Updated language of the error screen and changed the link to Landboss support to go to the help site.