LANDBOSS v1.10 Released

Today LANDBOSS version 1.10 was deployed to the live site, bringing the work we've been doing for the past 6 months or so to fruition. Between version 1 and 1.10 we spent over 2800 man-hours implementing new features and continuously improving existing ones. To those that have been along for the ride we thank you for your support, and hope you'll be with us as we raise the bar even further.

The major focus of this release is mapping, our #1 feature request! You'll find maps interspersed throughout the application where they make sense. Examples would be the tract plat (now called the map page :) ) and the prospect dashboard. You can also get a preview of the tract when creating it by giving it a valid PLSS legal description (other survey types are forthcoming). Here's the full release notes if you're interested:

New Features

  • Added the ability to see a small preview map when entering in a tract's legal description.
  • The tract plat page has been renamed to the tract map page and now contains a shape file upload, a shape file generator that uses the tract's legal description, and of course the pre-existing image upload. This also means a map may be used as the plat image on a tract's ownership report.
  • Added a map to the prospect dashboard.
  • Several rare PLSS sections have been added.
  • Sample data will be created for any new accounts that highlights several LANDBOSS features (pre-existing accounts' data is unchanged).
  • The tract quick search will now list a tract's label if applicable in addition to the tract number, this should help distinguish between similarly numbered tracts.
  • Moved lease filing info to a popup window that can be accessed on each lease page using the "File" action.
  • The lease status page has been renamed to the lease activity page. It now shows a textual listing of activities similar to the lease activity dashboard.
  • The "Payment Due Date" and "OK To Pay?" fields from the lease stats page have been moved to a new lease payment page.
  • Added the ability to delete tracts.
  • Added a lease mail merge field for leasing agent's email.

Errors Fixed

  • Fixed a very small problem on the invoice view page where sorting by line item costs would sort alphabetically, not numerically.
  • Fixed a problem with the ownership report totals differing slightly between the tract summary and owner summary in certain conditions.
  • Hotfix (1/22/2010): Fixed a javascript error on the client info page.
  • Fixed an error when setting up billing codes in the setup wizard where the expense check box would not persist correctly.
  • Fixed a minor styling issue on the invoice view page when using certain browsers.
  • Fixed a problem with the ownership report when using certain data.
  • Fixed several problems with the lease purchase report and generate lease package pages regarding the "Tract #" search field.
  • The lease purchase report landing page was not pre-selecting the current prospect, this has been corrected.
  • Fixed a typo in the lease import fields.
  • Hotfix (2/1/2010): Fixed an crashing error when generating the lease purchase report.
  • Total bonus is now calculated on leases when creating them from a template.
  • Fixed an error where decimal/fraction fields on chain of title and ownership page would allow invalid numbers with 2 decimal points (ex: .95.5).
  • Fixed an unclear error message when importing CSV files with duplicate column names.

Other Changes

  • Total bonus and option to renew total calculations now truncate instead of round.
  • Message boxes will now appear in the same spot no matter what resolution you are viewing the site in.
  • Updated the version of the reporting library we use (Telerik) to v3.2.9.1211.
  • Added link on the timesheet edit window that opens the activity code legend.
  • Texas counties will now use tracts for timesheet grouping instead of PLSS section.
  • On the lease "Parties & Tracts" page "gross acres" fields have been renamed to "net mineral acres" and "net acres" fields have been renamed to "leased acres." This should make these fields less confusing with tract gross and tract net acres.
  • The prospect dashboard's leasehold overview will display as much information as possible when a section is selected rather than being entirely blank.