LANDBOSS v1.11.5 Released

New Features

  • Timesheets can now be made for specific tracts in PLSS states.
  • A notification will now be shown when saving an effective lease with no expiration date warning that the lease will never expire.
  • The lease banner will now display a message if a lease is expired.
  • A label showing the calculated expiration date of a lease is now shown on the lease terms page.

Errors Fixed

  • Fixed a problem where the wizard would be required for new accounts. No current accounts are affected by this.
  • Fixed an error where lease expiration dates were not calculated on import when an effective date and primary term was given.
  • Fixed a javascript error when editing timesheets under certain security settings.

Other Changes

  • Changed "Patent Deed" instrument to be named "Patent" by default.
  • Timesheet mileage now only allows entry of integer values.
  • Client drop downs on certain timesheet pages that feed into prospect drop downs will now filter results better.