LANDBOSS v1.23.6 Released

A minor release this time around. Notable improvements include additional mail merge fields for lease form generation and access to most of the prospect related reports for landmen.

LANDBOSS v1.23.5 Released

Some of the notable features of this release include user interface improvements when adding tract owner notes and a brand new Acquisition Status Report.

LANDBOSS v1.23.3 Released

In this release, we added quite a few mail merge fields for our form generation feature, giving you even more options for your lease forms.

LANDBOSS v1.23.1 Released

This release is packed full of customer requested features and improvements, including improvements to our tract shape generation feature and Prospect Dashboard.

LANDBOSS v1.22.2 Released

The focus of this version is a new dedicated Mapping Dashboard that not only allows you to draw your tracts right on the map, but also gives you some neat coloring options.