LANDBOSS v1.24.4 Released

We're excited to announce that this release includes our mapping switch to Esri's ArcGIS Server!

New Features

  • The party attorney field is now a link to another party instead of just textbox.
  • Added a loading mask to the prospect access grid on the create prospect page so that if the grid doesn't appear broken when it doesn't instantly populate.
  • Increased precision of time and quantity fields on the timesheet entry and invoice to accommodate 15 minute increments.
  • Switched the mapping service over to Esri's ArcGIS Server.

Errors Fixed

-- Corrected issue with the lessor fields on the lease info page that would sometimes replace the first character typed in.

  • The review time window now works correctly in IE7.
  • Corrected issue with the advanced party search fields that could sometimes cause the new party will be created message to be shown even when that wasn't the case.
  • The new generate secure password feature now works correctly.
  • Corrected issue with the daily by activity invoice format that was causing mileage to not be billed correctly sometimes.
  • Corrected issue with not being able to edit the details of a grantor or grantee on the chain-of-title page in certain instances.

Other Changes

  • Updated party merge feature to handle recent changes to parties.