LANDBOSS v1.23.3 Released

In this release, we added quite a few mail merge fields for our form generation feature, giving you even more options for your lease forms. Here is the full list of changes:

New Features

  • Added a field for the lease date.
  • Reformatted the Open Leasehold Report so that it now shows tract location information and lease summary information where applicable.
  • Added mail merge fields for the lease acreages rounded to two decimal points.
  • Added mail merge fields for the long forms of the township and range, ie "12 North".
  • Added new lease date field and lease expiration dates to the mail merge fields.
  • Added is top lease and has provisions boolean values to mail merge fields which are useful for if else statements.

Errors Fixed

  • Added missing draft/check number field to the mail merge fields for document generation.
  • Fixed issue with tract shape generation that would sometimes cause an error.