LANDBOSS v1.22.1 Released

The release has a few small bug fixes as well as some exciting new features, including our long anticipated Sketch Tract tool.

LANDBOSS v1.22 Released

The main focus of this release is adding general tract documents similar to how they are displayed on leases. Documents can still be uploaded directly to owners and chain of title instruments, they will not appear on the main tract document page.

Scheduled Maintenance Today

We will be performing maintenance today that will affect the mapping services in Landboss. Starting at 5pm CDT today, Saturday, September 18th, the mapping features in Landboss will not be available.

LANDBOSS Partners with Simplifile

LANDBOSS has partnered with the leader in e-filing, Simplifile. We'll be incorporating Simplifile's e-filing directly into Landboss so that leases can be filed electronically with the courthouse through Landboss.

LANDBOSS v1.20 Released

Today version 1.20 was released, bringing a slew of new features and improvements. Two of most notable are lease obligations, where you can now track upcoming payments you will need to make; and notifications, which will email you or alert you in other ways about events such as upcoming lease expirations.