LANDBOSS v1.12 Released

The highlight of this release is the addition of unified activities. This means that you can now add activites like you could for leases to any land & leasing object (tract, parties, & leases). You can also add your own activites to better fit your company's workflow. We hope this new feature and the other changes of 1.12 make your day-to-day tasks easier and as always we welcome any feedback you might have.

LANDBOSS v1.11.4 Released

This week's maintenance release is exclusively fixes with no new features, as we've been hard at work on LANDBOSS v1.12 which will contain major changes to activities and several important improvements to mapping.

LANDBOSS v1.11.2 Released

Among other new features, we added email field to parties and a lease schedule report. We also fixed some minor issues.

LANDBOSS v1.11 Released

Though today we pushed what would otherwise be a "normal" weekly release, this week we focused hard on polishing and improving the things we've introduced since v1.10 was released. Therefore we consider this our "minor feature release" of the month, bringing the version number to v1.11. Below are the release notes, but you'll notice far fewer new things and more fixes/changes.

LANDBOSS v1.10.5 Released

Added a scale to the map and the lease status is now included on the lease activity dashboard, as well as other features and fixes.

LANDBOSS v1.10 Released

Today LANDBOSS version 1.10 was deployed to the live site, bringing the work we've been doing for the past 6 months or so to fruition. Between version 1 and 1.10 we spent over 2800 man-hours implementing new features and continuously improving existing ones. To those that have been along for the ride we thank you for your support, and hope you'll be with us as we raise the bar even further.