LANDBOSS v1.27.5 Released

Besides making few small changes and correcting some minor issues, we revamped the search screens in this release and added some new permissions.

LANDBOSS v1.27.4 Released

We took some big steps forward with this release by adding QuickBooks integration for lease obligations, new base layers for the mapping, and a new online help portal.

LANDBOSS v1.27.3 Released

This release brings a long awaited feature, lease obligation invoicing. You can now invoice your clients for the obligations that you pay to lessors.

LANDBOSS v1.27.1 Released

We made several improvements to the QuickBooks exporter and revamped the Time & Expense Summary report for this release.

LANDBOSS v1.27 Released

A ton of new features in this release! We've improved the ownership report by adding better tracking of ownership checks and ownership notes. Also, you can now add expenses that don't fit into the standard categories.

LANDBOSS v1.26.7 Released

After a lot of work, and much user anticipation, we have added integrated workflow to Landboss! Users with Full Access licenses and the appropriate permissions can assign and track tasks and their progress.