LANDBOSS v1.28.4 Released

The core of this release is built around a new plugin type for generating legal descriptions for leases, making it possible for us to build custom plugins for our customers who want more control over how the description of a lease is generated from the tracts that are attached to it.

New Features

  • The way a lease's legal description is generated from the attached tract's can now be customized with custom plugins.
  • Plat page of ownership report has been updated to support tracts that are in multiple PLSS sections.
  • Modified timesheet search page to filter by timesheet entry date when using the date range filters, instead of the timesheet billing period.

Errors Fixed

  • Corrected a issue that was preventing users from printing maps when their account had a custom map layer.
  • Corrected issue that was sometimes preventing tracts from being deleted.
  • Lease forms in the admin section will now always show the correct last uploaded date.
  • The user name will now correctly appear in the header of the user pay rates and time review setup screens.