LANDBOSS v1.27.9 Released

We worked on improving invoice printing and our QuickBooks integration for this latest release of Landboss.

New Features

  • Expanded QuickBooks integration options.
  • Added more options for invoice printing to make it more flexible.
  • Added filter by invoice type to invoice search screen.

Errors Fixed

  • Corrected issue that was preventing a deactivated user from being reactivated in certain cases.
  • Updated some error handling so that when certain data entry errors occur the user will receive a little more info instead of a generic error.
  • Updated actual average cost calculations on prospect dashboard to ignore 3rd party leases.
  • Corrected issue that was preventing certain screens from loading properly for users with the View-Only license.
  • Corrected issue that was preventing the Zoom To abstract function on the map from working.
  • Corrected an issue that was preventing an obligation from being reset to uninvoiced after it's corresponding invoice line item was deleted from the invoice.
  • Corrected issue that was breaking the QuickBooks vendor integration when a very large number of vendors existed in the QuickBooks file.
  • Corrected rare client side validation issue when creating new leases.

Other Changes

  • Changed the state combo on the party addresses to allow blank so that international addresses can be entered.