MINERALBOSS v1.1 Released

Among the fixed issues and minor features, in this version of Mineralboss we've added a Business package that has more advanced features such as tracking of product sales, taxes, and other adjustments when entering royalty checks. Contact our sales department for pricing of the Business package.

We've also added an "Alerts" feature which will automatically notify you of things like expiring leases and let you schedule future alerts manually, as well as the ability to upload documents to contacts, properties, and wells, in addition to leases.

New Features

  • The lease expiration date is now calculated automatically.
  • Added some additional categories for linked data, such as associated leases, to the view property screen.
  • The application will now generate automatic alerts for things like expiring leases, as well as allow manual alerts to be scheduled.
  • For security reasons, users will now be taken to the login screen if their login expires due to inactivity, unless they have checked the "Stay Signed In" checkbox when logging in.
  • Added a "Stay Signed In" option when logging in to bypass the automatic session expiration. It should not be used on public computers.
  • It is now not possible to access the application with an unsupported browser.
  • The legal name of contacts is now automatically populated from the friendly name that is shown in the application.
  • Audit entries are now created for the parent record when adding or editing associated records. For example, an audit entry is now added to a contact when a new address is added to it.
  • It is now possible to create individuals on-the-fly when adding a new joint entity. For example, now when adding a husband and wife joint entity, the husband and wife do not have to exist as individuals prior to creation.
  • Added some additional search options.
  • When adding check line items, the list of properties is now filtered to only those that have wells that are operated by the check payor.
  • Added several fields to properties.
  • Added Natural Gas as a product produced by wells.
  • For customers with the new Business package, it is now possible to enter and track product sales, taxes, and other adjustments when adding royalty checks.
  • Added ability to upload documents to not only leases but also to properties, contacts, and wells.

Other Changes

  • Renamed several fields and headings for clarity.
  • It is now possible to leave the state that a company is incorporated blank.