LANDBOSS v1.28 Released

Noteworthy changes in this release include the total of number of search results on the search screens, filtering of activity entries on the home screen to just those made by the logged in user, and batch operations for notifications.

New Features

  • Added result count to bottom of grids on the search pages.
  • Expired leases now are listed as "Expired" on the tract overview screen so that they are easy to spot.
  • The billing code name is now shown in the combo box on the edit invoice line item window.
  • Updated wording of the email that is sent when a user's credentials change.
  • Users are now notified on the login screen if they are locked out due to too many bad login attempts and they are now unlocked automatically when their password is changed.
  • Recent activity list on home screen now shows just the current user's recent activity.
  • Updated sorting of activity entries so that same-day entries are sorted with most recent at the top.
  • Updated labels for lease expiration dates (primary term and after renewal) so they are a little less confusing.
  • Added the ability to mark all notifications as read and the ability to delete all unflagged notifications.

Errors Fixed

  • Corrected issue that was randomly causing the party documents screen from being accessed.
  • Updated shape generation so that segments that don't have descriptions don't break the generation process.
  • Corrected issue that was sometimes preventing tracts from being added to a lease.
  • Corrected issue that was preventing tracts from being deleted in rare instances.
  • Find Task is now working properly.
  • The recent payroll links in the sidebar now have the correct URL.
  • The number of unread notifications are now showing in the current user bar at the top of the screen on ALL pages.
  • Corrected the name search on the user search screen so that it correctly searches both the first and last name.

Other Changes

  • Made some speed improvements.
  • Moved view all links on home screen so they appear next to their respective group names.