LANDBOSS v1.25.7 Released

This release is just a small maintenance release, but it does include a new shapefile exporter on the Lease Search screen.

LANDBOSS v1.25.5 Released

Among the numerous small features and fixes, some styling updates were made in this release aimed at improving the look and feel of the application.

LANDBOSS v1.25.4 Released

We made some changes to the QuickBooks check export and added the ability to edit subdivision names and survey names in this release.

LANDBOSS v1.25.3 Released

We focused on making exports faster and more efficient in this release, but also included some other features and fixes.

LANDBOSS v1.25 Released

We have added a powerful new feature in this release called Tract Segments. It is now possible to easily describe tracts of land that cross organizational borders such as county lines, sections, and surveys.