LANDBOSS v1.26.4 Released

We added the ability to edit marital statuses and a lease obligations csv export in this release.

New Features

  • Added a Lease All Acreage flag to the Edit Tract window that will keep leased acreage in-sync with net mineral acreage changes.
  • Now only the outline for the currently selected Prospect is shown on the map.
  • Added a notification message for the user when a Timesheet Entry is moved to another Timesheet after the date or location is updated to no longer match the current one.
  • Added a CSV export for lease obligations.
  • Added the ability to add and edit Party Marital Statuses.

Errors Fixed

  • Corrected tract coloring issue on the map.
  • Corrected some formatting issues on the Upcoming Payments report.
  • Corrected issue deleting the PLSS Section of a Timesheet.
  • The error message that is shown when a user tries to delete a Timesheet that has an approved Timesheet Entry is now user friendly.
  • Corrected issue that was preventing tracts from being created on-the-fly from the Lease Parties & Tracts tab.
  • Corrected issue that was sometimes causing the save buttons on the Lease Parties and Tracts tab to be disabled on load.
  • Added better validation messages to Lease Parties and Tracts tab.
  • Corrected some minor formatting issues on the Ownership Report.

Other Changes

  • Added help document for setting up QuickBooks integration.
  • Added help document for lease form creation.