LANDBOSS v1.26.1 Released

This release contains some improvements to our revamp of the lessor system released in the previous version.

New Features

  • Added a Save and Add Another button to the Tract Ownership tab.
  • Added a net mineral interest field to the Edit Tract Window on the Lease Parties and Tracts tab.
  • Added an checkbox to the Edit Lease Tract window on the Lease Parties and Tracts tab in order to allow lessors with 0 net mineral acres to be created.
  • Changed the way activity entry notes are displayed so that hard returns entered are no longer ignored.
  • Updated Tract delete confirmation message to warn users that associated timesheets and leases may be deleted.

Errors Fixed

  • Corrected issue with the Save and Goto Next button on the Review Time page that would cause it to behave unexpectedly under certain conditions.
  • Corrected association issue that was preventing users that didn't have all prospect access from generating lease forms.
  • Corrected issue with Simplifile integration.
  • Corrected issue that was allowing users that had an Accounting license to see recent activity entries on their Home page.
  • Corrected issue with the sketch tract tool.
  • Corrected issue with the Upcoming Payments Report.v
  • Corrected issue that was preventing the Lease Quick Search from working under certain conditions.
  • Corrected duplicate lessors issue on Lease Purchase Report.
  • The All Users option is now correctly an option on the Activity Dashboard and the Lease Activity Report.
  • Corrected issue that would prevent a tract owner from being removed from a lease when it was deleted.
  • Corrected issue with the Expiring Lease Report.
  • Changed the automatic renewal obligation generation so that only one renewal obligation is generated instead of multiple.