LANDBOSS v1.25.8 Released

A few great new features are included in this release! Client access has been improved with expanded access to reports and dashboards. A couple of new features were added to mapping as well, custom colors for tract statuses and prospect outlining.

New Features

  • Added ability to draw a prospect outline on the map.
  • Added the documents from the documents screen on leases and tracts to their respective overview screens.
  • Added company-wide tract status colors for mapping.
  • Added the lessor phone number field to the available mail merge fields.
  • Added new Client role and expanded support for client access.
  • Split access to the prospect dashboard from the Land Admin permission into its own permission.
  • All users with the Land Module permission can now access any prospect report.

Errors Fixed

  • Corrected issue that was preventing receipts from being deleted from a time entry.
  • Corrected issue that would cause the create invoice process to appear to hang instead of redirecting to the search screen.
  • Corrected issue that would break the shapefile exporter when a very large number of tracts were sent to it.
  • Corrected issue that would cause an error when a lease template with a bonus amount was applied to a lease with 0 acres.
  • Corrected issue with Create a Tract window that was preventing tracts from being created on-the-fly during lease creation.