LANDBOSS v1.20 Released

Today version 1.20 was released, bringing a slew of new features and improvements. Two of most notable are lease obligations, where you can now track upcoming payments you will need to make; and notifications, which will email you or alert you in other ways about events such as upcoming lease expirations. The full release notes are below:

New Features

  • Added lease obligations and payments systems. Lease obligations will be generated for bonus and rental payments, and can be generated for shut-in payments.
  • Added a lease obligations page to the accounting module that allows viewing, editing, and posting payments against lease obligations over all available prospects.
  • Changed the lease payment tab to the lease obligations tab, which is similar to the accounting module page but shows obligations for the current lease only. - This page also allows creation of custom obligations.
  • Added email and in-system notifications.
  • Added a dashboard where in-system notifications can be managed and notification settings can be changed.
  • Added daily notifications for leases due to expire in 1 month, 1 week, and the current day.
  • Recent activities are now shown on the home page.
  • Added the ability to add and manage custom lease statuses.
  • The payroll generation page has been redesigned for increased usability.
  • Changed the leashold overview chart on the propsect dashboard to a table, which now shows total acreage amounts for categories that are calculated similar to the tract map statuses.
  • Added several shut-in fields on leases/lease templates so a payment schedule can be created when needed.

Errors Fixed

  • Fixed a minor issue relating to the map's full screen button in certain browsers.
  • Fixed a problem where the lease rental first payment due date field was linked to the payment due date on the terms page so that they would share the same value. They can now hold different values.
  • Removed lease template "Payment Due Date" and "Rental First Due Date" fields since after applying a template to a lease these date would almost certainly be incorrect.
  • Hotfix (5/24/2010): Fixed a crash when running the lease activity report.
  • Fixed an minor error in lease activity report when lessor names contained ampersand characters.
  • Empty payroll periods are now properly deleted when they contain no paychecks.
  • Fixed a problem where creating a lease from a tract's lease tab would not default the lease's legal description properly.
  • Fixed a javascript error on the timesheet search page when resetting search fields under certain conditions.
  • Fixed a problem trying to view attachments on certain timesheet entries.
  • Fixed a problem when merging a client party into a non-client party.

Other Changes

  • Added validation to lease/lease template terms fields so negative values could not be entered.
  • IMPORTANT - Updated lease mail merge fields to reflect new features and changes. This includes several "breaking changes" to the fields. It is recommended you update all your lease forms to ensure they use the new field names. Contact support if you require assistance in this matter.
  • Renamed lease "Payment Due Date" field to "Bonus Due Date".
  • Removed lease field "Payment Amount".
  • Changed "working" leasehold/map status to read "leasing" instead.