LANDBOSS v1.20.2 Released

New Features

  • Added the ability to include receipt images on expense sheet reports.
  • Added the option to include expense sheet reports when printing an invoice.
  • Added the option to include lease notes on the expiring lease report.
  • Instruments that are in-use can now be deleted.

Errors Fixed

  • Fixed an error where an invalid instrument date would not stop the user from saving a tract.
  • Fixed a problem where lease would sometimes show using old lessor names after merging parties.
  • Fixed a problem where long form names could cause problems when generating lease forms.
  • Hotfix (6/15/2010): fixed a problem when viewing the party activity page under certain conditions.
  • Fixed a minor UI error related to trailing spaces on the lease legal description field.
  • Fixed an error on the ownership report when displaying party names with ampersand (&) characters.
  • Fixed an error when running the ownership report with no sub-report options selected.

Other Changes

  • All reports that show data from prospects now allow an "All Prospects" option.
  • The lease obligations page in the accounting module will not show obligations for offers or dead offers, only signed leases (or any lease status with type "Lease").
  • Overdue obligations are included in upcoming reports/dashboard controls.
  • Added notes to the lease overview page.