LANDBOSS v1.23 Released

Among other things, we moved exports to search screens and added some new exports in this release.

New Features

  • Added a flexible export architecture that will facilitate the addition of new export types.
  • Added ability to export leases to a file formatted for SandRidge's eLPR system.
  • Payment of renewal obligations now automatically extends the lease expiration date.
  • Added auditing data to CSV exports of leases and tracts.
  • Lowered the security requirements for the Activity Dashboard and the Activity Report.
  • The Activity Dashboard and Activity Report now default to the current user.
  • Added ability to export Timesheets to a CSV file.
  • Moved Invoice export feature to the search page.
  • Moved Paycheck export feature to the search page.
  • The latitude and longitude of the cursor is now shown in the bottom left corner of maps.
  • Date and time of last export and type of export is now shown at the bottom of pages.
  • Made some UI improvements to the color filters on the Mapping Dashboard.
  • Added filters to the Tract Search page that will allow users to easily find tracts with incomplete ownership data and ownership errors.
  • Added a document type for Ratifications.
  • Changed the lease tabs and tract tabs to not disable on page load.
  • Non-contiguous tracts can now be drawn with the Sketch Tract tool.

Errors Fixed

  • Activity entries in deactivated prospects will no longer show up on the home screen.
  • Fixed incorrect positioning in certain browsers of the county combo box on the create tract form.
  • Corrected issue that was preventing prospects from being deleted when there was a time entry with an attachment present.