LANDBOSS v1.23.1 Released

This release is packed full of customer requested features and improvements, including improvements to our tract shape generation feature and Prospect Dashboard. The full change list is below:

New Features

  • The Next button on the Timesheet Approval page now goes to the next timesheet for the current landman.
  • Time and expenses entered by users that are marked as staff members can now be paid and invoiced.
  • Added a Contact Person field to Individuals.
  • Added a message to the Ownership Report form that informs the user about the number of tracts that can be included in the report at one time (500).
  • Added Print Expenses button to the View Paycheck page that will print all of the expense sheets that are being paid by that paycheck.
  • Repositioned sort arrow on grids to be below the header text so that it will no longer be cut off in columns with long names.
  • The tract number column on the Tract Search page will now show the label in parenthesis.
  • Added tooltips to lease and tract links in the sidebar that will give the user some summary information before clicking on them.
  • Added totals row to the list of time entries from the last 7 days that is shown below the grid on the Enter Time page.
  • Added the activity code and time entry date fields to the export when exporting timesheets to CSV.
  • Increased allowed data length of the Tax Parcel Id field to allow for long id's such as those used in Alabama.
  • Increased the detail of the costs group on the Prospect Dashboard.
  • The Open of Record text that is shown on the Ownership Report is now styled black.
  • Stranger In Title notes are now numbered and referenced on the Ownership Report like Mineral Owner and Leasehold notes.
  • Added the lease expiration date to the lease schedule report and updated the styling of that report.
  • The lease banner on the leases pages will now be colored red when the lease is expired and blue when it is dead.

Errors Fixed

  • Corrected several issues with legal description parsing and shape generation.
  • The Clients combo box on the Timesheet Search page now correctly filters the prospects in the Prospects combo box.
  • Moving the Advanced Party Search window no longer causes it to be repositioned outside the bounds of the browser window.
  • The logo uploaded for a company is now correctly displayed on the Company Info page in Chrome.
  • Pages that require an object id will now correctly redirect to the relevant search page if the id is invalid.
  • Corrected an issue on the Tract Search page that was causing all tracts to be returned when none of the ownership checkboxes were selected.
  • Miles expenses are now correctly labeled when exporting timesheets to CSV.
  • Sorting the grid on the Make Lease Forms page now does not incorrectly enable row selection boxes for leases that do not have any lease forms specified.
  • Corrected issue that was preventing users from saving changes to Roles.
  • Formatted mineral interest decimal to 8 decimal places on the message that is displayed when a mineral owner is automatically added to a tract after saving a new lease.
  • Corrected issue that was preventing the section from being displayed on the Edit Time Entry window.
  • Corrected typo in the empty message for the leasehold notes group on the Ownership Report.
  • The Ownership Report will now no longer incorrectly display references to mineral owner notes for surface owners.
  • Corrected formatting of filing info in the leasehold column of the Ownership Report.