LANDBOSS v1.23.5 Released

Some of the notable features of this release include user interface improvements when adding tract owner notes and a brand new Acquisition Status Report.

New Features

  • Activity entries can now be made to parties from the tract activity and lease activity screens.
  • Changed the tract ownership notes interface to make it much easier to enter tract owner notes.
  • A message reminding users to attach receipts is now displayed when a user enters expenses during time entry.
  • Added a Save & Goto Next button to the tract owner page to make it easier and faster to change several owners in succession.
  • Created an Acquisition Status Report.
  • Expense sheets that are printed with invoices now display the county, section, and tract.
  • Renamed View Rate History window to Rate Changes.
  • Made a small usability improvement to combo boxes that require a selection to be made.

Errors Fixed

  • The current prospect is now auto-switched when there isn't a current prospect selected.
  • Fixed an issue on the reports page that would allow some report group names to be shown even if a user didn't have access to any reports in the group.
  • Added missing fields to the party details window.
  • Corrected issue with View Rate Changes window that was preventing it from showing future rates in some instances.