LANDBOSS v1.10.5 Released

New Features

  • Added a scale to maps.
  • A lease's current status is now shown on the lease activity dashboard.
  • Added the ability to change how some system expense billing codes show up in the UI.
  • Added the ability to customize which parts of the ownership report will be included.
  • Added several mail merge fields for lessee phone numbers.
  • The ownership report can now be run for a single tract.

Errors Fixed

  • The tract map page will now center on the current tract.
  • Fixed an error where clients could not be found using the simple party search page.
  • Hotfix (3/15/2010): fixed a problem with the expiring lease report returning bad data.
  • Hotfix (3/15/2010): Fixed a problem where the lease "Parties & Tracts" page would show a notification for owners being added to the tract when none were actually added.
  • Fixed spelled out currency mail merge fields to always display in hundredths.
  • Fixed the ability to clear apparent heir information on ownership page.
  • Made date format on timesheet entry window to be consistent with other date input fields.
  • Fixed an issue where certain tracts could not be moved between prospects.
  • Fixed an error where owners could be set as apparent heir to themselves.
  • Fixed a small problem where deleting an ownership note would cause the record pointer to disappear.
  • Fixed a problem where the chain of title page would display the new party's ID after saving a tract instrument with an auto-created party.
  • Fixed a small text problem with chain of title filters.

Other Changes

  • Made minor improvements to the "Entire Section?" check box when entering in S-T-R legal description information for tracts.
  • Improved map tool tips slightly.
  • Added a few tool tips to check boxes.
  • Filing info on the lease overview page will no longer show blank rows.
  • Inactive activity/billing codes are now labeled as such in legends.
  • The progress bar on the "Generate Lease Package" page should now be more user-friendly.
  • The prospect dashboard will now show a county map if no tract shapes exist for the prospect.