LANDBOSS v1.11.2 Released

New Features

  • Re-activating users will now try to assign them the last license they used, unless there are no licenses left.
  • Added email field to parties.
  • Added a lease schedule report.
  • Added lease code to several locations to make distinguishing leases of the same lessor easier.
  • Added mail merge fields for recent title deed legal description fields. These fields are also now shown on the tract overview page.
  • Added title and suffix fields to merge party preview.

Errors Fixed

  • Fixed a problem where certain invalid mail merge fields could cause issues. Changed legal description "Instrument Date" field to be a date field instead of a free-text field.
  • Hotfix (4/5/2010): Fixed a problem when creating a tract on the lease info page.
  • Fixed a problem when merging parties that were used in life estates.
  • Fixed an problem that would occur if two parties were merged so that a party was an apparent heir to itself.
  • Removed non-working delete buttons on party tract/lease pages.

Other Changes

  • The "Add Existing Tracts" window on the lease "Parties & Tracts" page has been redesigned to be easier to use.
  • Removed several checkboxes to change whether an object was active or inactive since it was confusing whether or not it was the same as the "Activate/Deactivate" action links in the header.
  • The tract # drop down on the lease search page now limits itself to tracts in the current prospect if searching for leases there.
  • Made several improvements to mapping.