LANDBOSS v1.11.4 Released

This week's maintenance release is exclusively fixes with no new features, as we've been hard at work on LANDBOSS v1.12 which will contain major changes to activities and several important improvements to mapping. We expect to release v1.12 on 5/8/2010. Anyway, here are the v1.11.4 release notes:

Errors Fixed

  • Ownership report plat maps will now only show tracts that are being reported on.
  • Made several changes across the application to make handling of expired leases more consistent.
  • Added lease import fields for several rental fields that were missing.
  • Fixed an error where problems with importing tracts while also importing leases would show incorrect row numbers on validation errors.
  • Fixed a problem where certain users could add time for inactive prospects.
  • Fixed an error with the "Next Payment Date" calculation on lease rental page.