LANDBOSS v1.11 Released

Though today we pushed what would otherwise be a "normal" weekly release, this week we focused hard on polishing and improving the things we've introduced since v1.10 was released. Therefore we consider this our "minor feature release" of the month, bringing the version number to v1.11. Below are the release notes, but you'll notice far fewer new things and more fixes/changes:

New Features

  • The last used import mapping will be saved so that importing multiple files is easier.
  • Added an "Upcoming Payments" accounting report.
  • Added lease activity report.
  • A tract's ownership complete date is now shown on the tract overview, as well as more prominently displayed on the tract ownership page.

Errors Fixed

  • Fixed a problem when printing a timesheet from the view/edit timesheet pages where only a landman expense sheet could be printed even if the user had rights to print a client expense sheet.
  • Fixed the section/tract selections on the edit timesheet page to be consistent with the timesheet entry window.
  • Fixed a problem where notes/documents could not be accessed for invoices/payrolled timesheet entries.
  • Fixed a minor problem with the "Goto Next" button when approving timesheets.
  • Fixed a minor styling issue with the current record pointer on the tract ownership page.
  • Fixed some problems with map centering under certain conditions.
  • The map scale now shows friendlier units (in = mi).
  • Hotfix (3/22/2010): Fixed a problem with using party names with single quotes under certain conditions.
  • Fixed a minor error where the user info page would redirect in a confusing way after saving a new user.
  • Hotfix (3/24/2010): Fixed an error that would keep invoices from printing on certain accounts.
  • Fixed a small error where adding timesheet entries could go beyond the page size of the grid, causing unintended scroll bars to be shown.
  • Fixed a javascript error on the "Make Lease Forms" page when selecting which forms to combine under certain conditions.
  • Fixed a javascript error on the advanced party search field when resetting search filters to their default values.
  • Fixed a problem with the lease activity page showing garbled text in the notification area when the lease status was changed by a newly added activity.

Other Changes

  • Made some minor improvements to help messages.
  • Generating an ownership report from a tract page will default to the current tract.
  • Minor styling changes to Chain of Title expandable fields.
  • LANDBOSS javascript files have been combined to reduce request count on page load. - This may lead to slightly faster page loads.