LANDBOSS v1.12 Released

The highlight of this release is the addition of unified activities. This means that you can now add activites like you could for leases to any land & leasing object (tract, parties, & leases). You can also add your own activites to better fit your company's workflow. We hope this new feature and the other changes of 1.12 make your day-to-day tasks easier and as always we welcome any feedback you might have. Now on to the full release notes:

New Features

  • Added a unified activity system. Pages similar to the old lease activity page are now available for tracts and parties, too. Tract and party activity pages can be used to enter activities for those objects, or any leases that are associated with them.
  • Added the ability to add custom activities through the administration module.
  • Added the ability to reset a map to its original view.

Errors Fixed

  • The party merge page no longer allows selecting the same party as the target party to merge with itself - the party is no longer an option in the drop down.
  • Problems with parsing legal descriptions for shape generation will now show a friendly error popup window with suggestions on how to fix it instead of showing a crash error page.
  • Fixed a problem where deleting a tract or lease could cause problems for another user if they had recently viewed it.
  • Hotfix (5/5/2010): Fixed some errors on the map page when showing tracts with long labels.
  • Fixed an error when generating lease packages multiple times on the same page load would hang indefinitely.
  • Fixed a javascript error on the lease template general information page.
  • Minor styling fixes to lease template forms page.

Other Changes

  • "Save and goto Terms" button will now display when entering new leases and lease offers.
  • Changed the logic on how tracts are colored to more accurately reflect the tract's situation.
  • Changed tract labels to display in the format "Number (Label)" instead of "Number, Label" to be more consistent with lease labels.