LANDBOSS v1.34.1 Released

A mostly bugfix release addressing some minor and edge case issues, but it also contains a new mileage rate related feature. With this release it is now possible to update the mileage rate for all clients quickly and easily.


  • Added link under default mileage rate on the company setup screen that will allow users to update the mileage rate for all existing clients at once.
  • Previously, if there were unapproved time entries, the paystub generation would halt but the application did not adequately convey to the user why. Now, a warning will be displayed giving the user more information.
  • It is now possible to skip unapproved time entries during paystub generation by clicking the relevant checkbox during the generate payroll process.


  • Fixed the broken in-app news feed caused by the recent update to
  • Fixed some broken links in the app footer caused by the recent update to
  • API access no longer requires a Full Access license, which was unintended.
  • Added some missing sections to townships in Louisiana.
  • Fixed some issues with the prospect admin screens and the role info screens that only occurred when more than 2100 user records existed in the database.