LANDBOSS v1.25.2 Released

This release includes some minor features and fixes, as well as a revamped error reporting system.

New Features

  • Improved grid that lists contractors on the Generate Paychecks page.
  • Added a notification message of client side javascript errors since each browser handles them a little differently.
  • The current row being reviewed on the Review Time Entries page is now always highlighted after using the Save & Goto Next.
  • Added Lease Code to available fields for use when creating Lease Forms.
  • Added Lease Code to Lease Overview page.
  • Increased the number of obligations shown on the Lease Obligations and Payments page from 10 to 25.

Errors Fixed

  • Corrected issue that was causing certain users to receive notification emails when they shouldn't.
  • Corrected conflict with the Save & Goto Next button on the Review Time Entries page and the paging on the grid.
  • Tract and segment locations now put the word 'survey' after the name of the survey instead of before.
  • Corrected client side script error on pages that have QuickBooks integration settings.
  • Corrected client side script issue on the Choose Prospect page.
  • Corrected issue that was preventing users from viewing system Lease Statuses.

Other Changes

  • Major revamp of error reporting in order to make it easier for staff to locate and correct issues.
  • Modified the error notification page shown to users when a server side error occurs.