LANDBOSS v1.25.5 Released

Among the numerous small features and fixes, some styling updates were made in this release aimed at improving the look and feel of the application.

New Features

  • Added client filtering to Expiring Lease Report.
  • A specific permission is now required to be able to edit or delete activity entries made by other users.
  • It is now possible to search leases by provision.
  • Added support for storing alpha-numeric check numbers.
  • Made the Make Lease Forms screen a little more user friendly.
  • Added reset button to time review screen.
  • Improved Owner Summary Report.

Errors Fixed

  • Corrected issue that was sometimes causing javascript errors on several pages.
  • Corrected issue with QuickBooks update needed notification.
  • Corrected javascript issue on Tract Ownership screen.
  • Corrected issue with creating a new party using the Edit Party Details window.
  • Corrected issue with showing the on-page help messages on the Tract Ownership screen.
  • Party Reports sidebar group is now hidden on the Party Search screens since it is always empty on those screens.
  • Corrected some small issues on the Edit Segment window.
  • Corrected javascript issue on Individual Info screen.
  • Corrected rare javascript issue on the Review Time Entries screen.
  • Corrected issue that would sometimes cause an error when applying a Lease Template to a Lease.
  • Corrected issue that would sometimes prevent a paycheck from being deleted.

Other Changes

  • Made some color changes throughout the application.