LANDBOSS v1.26.9 Released

For this release, we focused on making improvements to our brand new workflow feature.

New Features

  • Added the ability to easily find tasks from anywhere in the workflow section.
  • Added a warning when revoking access to a prospect from a user that has tasks assigned for that prospect.
  • Added ability to assign an individual tract, lease, or party to a task while viewing it.
  • Add tasks tab to tracts, leases, and parties, to make it easy to see which tasks they are attached to.
  • Added screens for adding and modifying the workflow statuses to the admin section.
  • Added link to the workflow dashboard screen to the dashboards group on the reports screen.
  • Users without the workflow task assignment permission now cannot explicitly assign existing tasks to other users.
  • The combo boxes on the workflow dashboard and task create and edit screens are now sorted.
  • Updated legal description parsing for shape generation to ignore any text wrapped in asterisks. This will be useful for tracts that can be expressed using quarter calls, but is legally defined using metes and bounds.
  • Added a delete button the client pages so that they can be deleted from the admin section as well as from the parties section.

Errors Fixed

  • Tasks that are marked as finished are now properly assigned back to their creator.
  • Corrected issue with expanding a notification on the notification dashboard screen that was affecting some users.
  • Fixed sorting by address, city, and state on party search screen.
  • Corrected issue that was causing the new Simplifile setup window to come up when there was any kind of server side validation error on the user info screen.
  • Corrected issue that was preventing save errors from being displayed to user on the tract ownership screen, in particular party validation errors.
  • Corrected issue on the timesheet search screen that was causing it to break when a client that no longer exists was saved to the search settings.

Other Changes

  • Added Workflow help document.